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By | August 10, 2017

New Trends in Marketing for Small Businesses

entrepreneurs in Oregon are known to face numerous challenges. Over the last few years, the burdening problem has mainly been that of paying higher tax rates. Unfortunately, the new tax plans seems to stir the problem for business owners in the area. In return, businesses have opted to create new strategies to reduce their costs. Here are common marketing strategies that are expected to do well in 2017.

Businesses are considering outsourcing today for them to thrive. However, there are fears that come with this strategy. To most, it is a waste of money as they can achieve all their tasks with the workers and information found within the company. Despite the fears, it is a strategy that will be trendy in the industry in the future.

The popularity will not only be in Oregon but also in other states. Although the Trump presidency is limiting the outsourcing strategy by protectionist laws, it has numerous benefits to small business owners. Elevated taxes can deter this strategy. In turn, that could have detrimental effects in the economy because local business would operate at increased costs. Likewise, organizations appreciate new experts that have vast knowledge on new marketing tactics. That is what makes companies hire consultants like Silverback Strategies to create objectives and new strategies. Hire dependable consultants to avoid wasting time and money. You can find them online and through referrals.

Entrepreneurs have also developed a liking for mobile trends. Small businesses bank more from mobile traffic than the regular traffic. A business website cannot lack to attract customers. Hence, many are optimizing their websites to include mobile search and improving on features such as user experiences and form entry. The mobile approach is also useful for companies that want to be felt locally.

One more effective approach is content marketing. Previously, it was considered marginal but it is now a favorite for businesses. The importance of SEO tools is understood by particularly local companies. Companies prioritize sensible and up to date blogs. They also realize the value of guest blogging where they share free content.

Video advertising is also popular. Small businesses can now share videos via Facebook and YouTube. Research shows that videos attract seven times as many clients as other content.

Above all, retaining customers is indeed important. That can be achieved through loyalty programs. This approach is not only useful to small businesses but to big organizations such as banks as well. For instance, banks post videos and advertisements showing how they impact the community giving them an added advantage.

Organizations want to become competitive in 2017 by adopting new marketing strategies. The tactics should focus on direct connection with clients. They ought to entail loyalty and reward programs and interaction via social media.